Josef Baruhovic's sister Rahela Baruhovic and her future husband Shimon Malina under the chuppah

This is my sister Seli and her husband, Shimon Malina, under the chuppah. The photo was taken during their wedding in Kiryat Moskin in 1963.

When my sister finished her degree in physical chemistry in 1963, she went to Israel on a month long holiday.

There, she stayed with my maternal uncle, Moshe (Moni) Izrael, a civil engineer who made aliyah right after the war.

He and his wife did not have children of their own and were pleased to have Seli stay with them.

During this trip she met Shimon Malina, a Jew from Argentina.

They married in Kiryat Moskin in 1963, and today Seli has three sons and four grandchildren and is still as active as ever.

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