Josef Baruhovic in uniform

This is a photo of me when I was doing my military service. The photo was taken in Sombor in 1961.

I served in the military from 1960-61 in a school for reserve officers.

Service in such a program was mandatory for people who finished university. Which field you were assigned to depended on what you had studied at the university.

I had graduated with a degree in engineering, so I was sent to the engineering school. I served for six months in Hrvatski Karlovac (the course) and six months in Sombor (field training). I reached the rank of captain.

After the war, I started using the last name Baruh. It just seemed more natural to me. All of my friends knew me as Baruh and my university diploma has that name on it.

But when I joined the army and started working, they forced me to make a decision concerning my name. The administrative process for changing names is complicated, so I decided to stick with Baruhovic.

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