Josef Baruhovic's mother Simha Baruhovic at a Jewish community women's section meeting in Belgrade

My mother, Simha Baruhovic (first row, extreme left), at a meeting of the women’s section of the Jewish community in Belgrade.

In 1945 we registered in the Jewish community of Belgrade. When we returned to Pristina after the war, we went to synagogue on holidays.

Rabbi Josef Levi was the rabbi in Pristina at the time. He had two or
three assistants who helped him with the service and with his other duties.

Religion and synagogue were not very popular then, but it was not forbidden. My mother attended meetings at the Jewish women's section in Belgrade.

She tried to sing in the Jewish choir in Belgrade, but they were not very welcoming, and so she gave up on it.

Rabbi Cadik Danon began taking care of religious ceremonies in Yugoslavia starting in 1972 and kept the activities going for twenty some years.

I was in the youth club in Belgrade and they even sent me to Israel for two months, when Ben Cion Levi was president of the Jewish community.

My whole group of friends from that time has split up; some went to the US, some to Canada, some to Israel, some to Australia.

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