Johana Kotoucova

This is a picture of my grandmother on my father's side, Johana Maria Kotoucova. The picture was taken in Brno in the 1930s for an ID card.

My grandmother was born in 1862 in Oslavany. Her father was Salamon Hansl. My grandmother was from a Jewish family but a non-religious Jewish family and she herself wasn't religious. My grandmother was an ordinary woman. I loved her but my contact with her was minimal. I remember her as a withdrawn woman, with illnesses appropriate to her age. I think she didn't have any siblings.

My father had a sister named Marie; she was born in 1890. During the 1930s my grandpa died and Grandma and my aunt Marie moved from Oslavany to Brno. They lived together and they both helped my father: he would always bring textile to a storage space and they would unweave it.