Bedrich Sensky in the Austro-Hungarian army

This is a picture of my uncle Bedrich Sensky. He served in the Austro-Hungarian army in World War I. He is the fourth from left standing, the one with the big nose. Bedrich was born in Mohelno in 1899 and went to university and became a construction engineer. He was sort of an adventurous type. When World War I started he was an officer in the Austro-Hungarian army. During the war he became ill with malaria and all his hair fell out and then he didn't have a single hair on his entire body. He always made jokes about it, he said it was the reason he was so socially successful because wherever he came everyone noticed him thanks to his bald head. As a construction engineer, he went to Slovakia after the war where he fell in love with a bigoted Catholic named Katka. Bedrich was so clever that even though Katka was of a strict upbringing he started to go out with her, which her family had no intention of supporting. Katka was from Southern Slovakia, from the town of Modry Kamen, near the border with Hungary; she was from a wealthy country family. For them he was a nothing - just a poor engineer and a Jew on top of it. In the end, they married at the beginning of World War II. They had two children together and lived in Banska Bystrica. She remained Catholic and went to church regularly. My uncle wouldn't be baptized but it worked for them. When the deportations began in 1944, my uncle hid at his friends' in the mountains. After the communist take-over in February 1948, the situation with her parents totally changed. They went from being rich farmers to kulaks, who had everything taken away. Bedrich died in 1967.