Jan Sokal’s wife Malgorzata Sokal

This is my wife Malgorzata. I don’t know where and when the photo was taken.
After the war I got a job in the western region, in Glucholazy, in the position of a general manager of a company. I was supposed to organize it from the basics. Glucholazy is a beautiful town, near Nysa, between Nysa and Prodnik. There was almost no war there. The place was intact.

I worked in Glucholazy for 6 years. I met my wife there in 1947. And we became friends there. Her first name is Malgorzata, maiden name Rademacher. She was born on 11th December 1911. She comes from a coal-miner's family, she was born in Katowice-Szopienice. She came to Glucholazy looking for a job. She met with a mayor who she had known before the war. And because he knew I was working on something, he sent her to me: 'Go there, he's a decent man.' And that's how we met. We got close, we liked it, and we've been together ever since. The wedding was very modest. We got married in 1949, but I don't remember it exactly. Malgorzata isn't of the Jewish origin. She is a Catholic, but she's never been practicing, thankfully. I also never had a need to practice my religion.

Nowadays she is unhappy. It's been 10 or 15 years since she lost her eyesight and she can see almost nothing. She's losing the iris. We went with my wife to many doctors and they all told her the same thing. Unfortunately… She can find her way around the house perfectly, she remembers where everything is, but that's all. And my wife practically raised both grandsons. My daughter didn't have time, and because of that they adore their grandmother, they really do.