Jan Sokal’s brother-in-law Tadeusz Bilan

This is my Brother-in-law, Tadzik, Tadeusz Bilan. He was my sister’s Eugenia husband. I think that the photo was taken in the 1920’s in Przemysl, but I’m not sure about it. I also don’t know who took it. Some photographer, I think.

Eugenia was a very nice, beautiful girl. She was always regarded as very attractive. Tadzio Bilan's wife, right. His family used to live on Zasanie. They were non-Jews. But it was a healthy, beautiful family. Athletic, all boys were football players. And my brother-in-law was a good football player too, he used to play for good clubs. And what is characteristic, they had very Aryan opinions. National ones.

And it's her correspondence with her husband from the pre-war times that I've got. It used to arrive to our home address until 1939. At 3 Slowackiego Street. My entire knowledge, wisdom, traces from the back-then world, all that came to me thanks to my brother-in-law's brother. One day after the war, when I was already working on the Poland’s western territories in Glucholazy, Leszek, the brother of my brother-in-law Tadeusz Bilan probably brought this treasure of mine to me. Their family also tragically died. Genia spent the entire occupation in Poland. She went through survived both occupations. She probably wasn't in the ghetto. Genia, Eugenia Bilan died in Cracow in 1945. In June or July, something like that.