Jan Sokal’s daughter, Bronislawa Sokal’s weeding

This is my daughter Bronislawa’s weeding. The photo was taken in Lodz in 1974.
My daughter was born in 1950, in January, in Glucholazy. She wasn't raised in the Jewish tradition. She always knew everything about my past. We didn't have any problems with her. She had good grades. When she was at a university, they pressured her a lot. Some major [wanted] her necessarily to join the Socialist Youth Union and to the communist party. But she kept saying she didn't feel like it, she wasn't interested in it. And it didn't interfere with anything, entry exams to the university, and she never had problems at the university. She's a good specialist in her field. She is a doctor, a psychiatrist. She has worked for many years. She has decided to retire.

I, by the way, decided to leave Glucholazy and go to Lodz because of my daughter's birth. Because, I said, what am I going to do here? Lodz is a big city. I had never been in Lodz, but I knew it, I had contacts there. So, everything has its own reason.
I have two grandsons. Adas, Adam is 30 years old. He lives in Warsaw. He does well. He works in the movie-business. He's not an actor, he is a technician. The second one, younger - Mateusz. He's 24. He graduated from the Musical Academy in Lodz. He is a musician, he plays double-bass. He works for the Lodz orchestra. He lives in Lodz. Both of them, whenever they have a spare day, they still drop by, come to visit.

My grandsons know everything about me, about my family. They don't brag about it, I suppose. They don't flaunt it. It's their business. My daughter is of mixed origin, she's not Jewish. Her husband is 100 percent Polish. It doesn't matter. It never mattered in my family. Never! Because it's not something to show off, brag, or worry about. In my opinion, it isn't. Yes, during the occupation there were some worries, but thankfully, I somehow never had deal with those.