Izia Antipka’s relatives


Sitting on the left in the lower row is my mother Sarrah, sister Lidia and my father Shmil Antipka. Standing are my mother’s distant relatives, visiting my parents at the time, I don't remember their names. This photo was taken in Kishinev in the early 1950s.

After World War II my father went back to work in the Moldplodoovoschtorg office. Mama continued with her sewing, but she couldn’t work as much as she did before the war. They lived a long life.  My father died in the mid-1980s, and my mother lived to the age of 95. At the age of 90 she got bedridden and remained in this condition till she died in 1995. We buried our parents according to Jewish traditions wrapped in takhrikhim at the Jewish cemetery and the Kaddish was recited over their graves.



Izia Antipka