Ilia Antipka with his friends

These are children in the yard of the building where we lived after the war. My son Ilia Antipka is in the foreground, second from the left, wearing a colored suit, the little girl beside him is Inna Goldstein, my sister Lida's daughter, and the others are our neighbors' children. The photo was taken in Kishinev in 1957.

In 1954 our son Ilia was born. We named him after his maternal grandfather. Ilia studied well. He finished the electromechanical technical school and worked at a plant. He never mentioned to me if he ever faced everyday anti-Semitism. Our family benefited well from perestroika. My son managed to use his commercial talent. He started from little and now he owns a big casino. In 1998 Ilia married Inna, a Russian girl, who is much younger than him. In 2003 their son Gera, my grandson, was born. They live their own life. I have little in common with my daughter-in-law, but my son helps me a lot.