Ida Goldshmidt and her husband Samuel Goldshmidt

This is our wedding. My husband Samuel Goldshmidt and I are under the chuppah. My brothers Shleime (left) and Todres (right) are behind me. This photo was taken in 1961 in Riga. I got married in 1961. I met my future husband Samuel Goldshmidt at work. He was a tailor and worked in the shop. I made women's overcoats, and Samuel made men's wear. Samuel came from Daugavpils. His father, Hirsh Goldshmidt, was the best shoemaker in Daugavpils, and his mother Basia was a housewife. Besides Samuel, they had son David and daughters Paya and Frieda. All children looked like their father. They were tall and had fair hair. Samuel was born in 1924. The children were raised to respect Jewish traditions. After finishing a Jewish school he became an apprentice of a tailor. When the war began, Samuel's father went to the front, and the family evacuated to Irkutsk. Samuel was regimented to the army in 1943. He was at the front and had several awards: an order and a few medals. Samuel's father perished at the front. After the war the family moved to Riga. We had a traditional Jewish wedding. My husband and I grew up in respect of Jewish traditions, and followed them even during the Soviet regime. I was an orphan, and my uncle told me he would arrange the wedding for me. It was a beautiful wedding. There were Jewish musicians and a rabbi. The wedding took place at his dacha in Majori, at the seashore. There was a big party in the hall, and a chuppah in the yard. There were many guests at the wedding party. After the wedding my husband moved in with me.

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Ida Goldshmidt