Heniek Kraus

Heniek Kraus

This is my uncle Heniek Kraus. The photo was taken in Cracow in 1930s.

My maternal grandparents got married in 1890. They had six children: Staszek, Dora, Heniek, Jozek, Hela and one more, whose name I don't remember and who died shortly after birth. 

Uncle Heniek was born in 1895. He learned barbering; he ran a barbershop near Podgorze. He married a girl who came from a family of Jewish railroad workers. I can't remember my aunt's name, but I remember their daughter's name - she was called Czesia. 

Uncle Heniek was deported from Cracow and murdered with his wife in Belzec. Their daughter - Czesia - survived, she's now living in Israel; she has two daughters and one son.

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