Adolf Lehr

This is my father, Adolf Lehr. The photo was taken in Cracow in 1916. 

My mother, Dora, graduated from high school during the war [World War I] - first she went to an Austrian school, then a Polish one, where she passed her final exams. Everything changed during that war. Poverty was bad, there was nothing to eat, there was some aid from America and that was when my mother met my father. His name was Adolf Lehr. My mother got pregnant and he left for the war. He was badly wounded during the war, he became a cripple and wasn't of any use after that. He didn't return to Cracow, what happened to him later I don't know. My mother stayed with her parents. I was born on 24th June 1917.  

When I was a few years old my mother left us. She met some Pole - Wladyslaw Seweryn and married him. When she left I walked her with my grandparents to the tram stop. I stayed behind as she didn't take me with her. She later changed her name to Elzbieta. I grew up with my grandparents, Jakob and Felicja Kraus.