Gustav Reitman and family

This photo was taken in Zlate Moravce in 1949 or 1950. I can identify it by the baby Marika Reitmanova, who was born in 1949. My grandfather Gustav Reitman is holding her and Ivan Reitman, his only grandson. I am the oldest grandchild standing. This picture shows Reitman family. Three brothers and their children and our grandfather. The youngest brother is Laci Reitman, his wife is Klari. They are the parents of Ivan Reitman, they are the first from the left. The youngest brother fled from Czechoslovakia under very dangerous circumstances in 1951. He illegally crossed the border in Komarno and he was smuggled together with his son Ivan, 5 years old then, to Vienna in a cargo ship. Uncle Laci died 5 years ago, Aunt Klari lives in Toronto, Ivan lives in Los Angeles. My father died in October 1988, my mother is thanks God, still alive. Then there is Imro Reitman, he lives in Toronto. His wife is Magda. Magda survived Auschwitz. Imro and Laci were hiding in Hungary. Both brothers have more children. Ivan has two sisters and Marika has a sister called Dana. Unfortunately, Imro suffers from Alzheimer disease. He is 89, and mentally in a very bad condition.