Engagement of Alexander Reitman and Alica Reitmanova

This is a photograph of the engagement of my parents, Alexander Reitman and Alica Reitmanova, nee Wassermanova (in the middle). It took place in Dolne Slazany in 1937; my mother is from that place. My father’s brother Imro Reitman took this picture.

My grandfather Gustav Reitman is the first person from the right in the front, my mother's mother Judita Wassermanova is in the middle, her husband, my mother's father Jakub Wasserman, is next to her. The first on the right in the second row is my mother’s youngest brother Jozef Vodny, he was called Dodo. Next to him is my mother’s sister Mana Ehrenfeldova, nee Wassermanova, next to her is Tibor Wasserman, my mother’s eldest brother and next to him are Marta and Laci Reitman, my father's brother and his wife.

Mana was married and lived in Senec. She, her two children, and her husband died in Auschwitz. My mother's brothers survived the Holocaust by hiding in Hungary and in Slovakia. My grandmother, my mother's mother, was shot dead on 16th January 1945, near Donovaly in a village called Buly, where further 16 people were buried. They were all shot dead and they were buried in one grave. I have miraculously survived.