Galina Shkolnikova's uncle Froim-Peisakh Yezersky

This is mother's older brother Froim-Peisakh Yankel-Movshevich Yezersky. The picture was taken in Kharkov in 1949. My uncle was a Ist Guild merchant in Kharkov before the Revolution of 1917. He owned a grocery store in the center of the town and worked as a seller after the store was nationalized. His wife, Fruma-Peisha Shlyome-Ziskelevna, was a housewife. They got evacuated to Alma-Ata during the war. We joined them and at first lived together. They had three children: Matvey, Feiga and Masha. They all got higher education. Matvey and Feiga were engineers, and Masha was a doctor. Matvey lived in Moscow, Feiga and Masha lived in Kharkov. They are not alive any more.