Galina Shkolnikova's uncle Abram Farber

This if my father's brother, Abram Farber, after his return from the frontline. The following is written on the backof the picture in his beautiful copy-book handwriting, 'To my brother Yuliy in memory of the day of my return from the army. Moscow, 17th October 1945.'

My father's younger brother received his education in Dnepropetrovsk and was an engineer. His wife was a housewife. They lived in Moscow. Abram worked at Sovmin [Council of Ministers]. He was a very cheerful and witty man and liked to play tricks on everybody, including himself. He participated in the war, returned to Moscow after the war and worked at the Institute of Oil. He continued to work even when he was dying of cancer. His children, a son and a daughter, also became engineers.