Galina Shkolnikova's aunt Feiga Liberman with her family

This is mother's older sister Feiga Liberman [nee Yezerskaya], her son Zinoviy Liberman and his wife Nina Bronzova. Standing on the very left is Tanya Bronzova, Nina's daughter from her first marriage. On the right is Larisa Bronzova, Nina and Zinoviy's daughter. We lost contact with her. The photo was taken in Kharkov in 1954. Aunt Feiga was born in 1886. She didn't have any education and was a housewife. Yiddish was her mother tongue; she spoke Russian poorly. She assisted in her brother Iosif's store in Yekaterinoslav and moved to Kharkov later. Her husband, Alter Liberman, died early in 1937. They had two sons, Abram and Zinoviy. Abram worked as a driver and Zinoviy got higher education and became a dentist. During the war Feiga was in evacuation. Both her sons were in the war and survived. Zinoviy was in a military hospital in Mongolia at the end of the war, where he continued to work for several years after the war. He got married there. Zinoviy died in 1976 in Kharkov, his mother Feiga also died there some time in the 1960s.