The family of Lybaly Zylberberg

This picture was taken around 1935 in Ozarow. My elder brother Mojsze got married in 1932 to Lybaly Lederwerk from Ozarow Kielecki. This is her family. From left in the lower row: Lybaly Lederwerk, Lybaly’s daughter, Lybaly’s mother, younger brother and father. First from the right is my younger brother Duwydl.

There were seven of us children. Two died a few days or weeks after being born, and five survived: my eldest brother Mojsze was born in 1908, Wigde, younger than him, was born about two or three years later, I was the third, and the fourth, Duwydl, younger than me, was born in 1920 or a little later, and the youngest was a girl, Surel. I don't know exactly when she was born, but I remember that before the war she had started to go to elementary school, so she was seven or eight. 

Mojsze got married in 1932 to Lybaly Lederwerk from Ozarow Kielecki, who moved to Krasnik, where my brother built himself a little brick house out of her dowry, about one kilometer from our cottage. He sold fabrics for clothes there, measured in ells and so his shop became known as 'lokciowka' [the Ellery]. Mojsze and Lybaly had a little girl, a very pretty child, I remember her well. Wigde married too, when I was in jail. Like my father, he worked in a furrier and cap-making workshop, somewhere in Wielkopolska.