Beniamin Zylberberg’s aunt Binaly and her family

This picture of my aunt Binaly’s family was taken in the 1930s. From left above: Luba, Izrael, Estera, Toba-Jona, Chaim-Josyf ; below: Aunt Binaly, Nuchym (died in 1980), Chaim-Josyf’s wife.

My father's sister, Binaly, also had a large family. In 1920 my father took her and all her family to Palestine. When in the 1980s I was able to go to Israel for the first time, Aunt Binaly was no longer alive, but I met her large family. Her granddaughter came to Poland recently with her husband, who is an AIDS specialist; he's called Izrael Just, and lectures in Tel Aviv, the United States, Canada and England. So thanks to my father's wisdom I still have relatives in Palestine to this day.