Beniamin Zylberg’s membership card of the Tailors' and Furriers' Trade Union

This is my membership card of the Tailors' and Furriers' Trade Union, issued in 1939 in Warsaw. 

My future wife Rachela and I were released from prison in 1937 under an amnesty that reduced our sentences by a half. In 1939 I went to Warsaw for the second time. I lived in the Praga district, on Zabkowska Street, and worked nearby, on Radzyminska, in a furrier's workshop. By then I was earning three or even four zloty a day, I think, that wasn't bad at all. I knew my trade better and was working in a bigger workshop with more custom. As soon as I arrived in Warsaw I joined the Tailors' and Furriers' Trade Union, which was on Przejazd Street. I lived and worked in Warsaw until mobilization in August-September 1939. When it was announced, I went back to Krasnik to volunteer at the regional recruiting board, prepared to go to the front against the Germans. But at the recruiting board it turned out that I had been in prison and apart from that sentence I had also been stripped of my civil rights for ten years. I was therefore informed that I couldn't serve in the army.