Evidence of poverty

The document you see here was issued to me after I returned from the Mauthausen concentration camp, and was practically broke.

I had no place to go in Samorin, because the building we'd lived in was occupied, Nagy Sándor's family was living there.

They were decent people, they freed up that large room for me right away.

There was just one old ottoman there, and one closet. Nothing else.

It says:
Local National Committee in Samorin
Evidence of poverty.
The Local National Committee in Samorin hereby officially confirms that Alexander Singer, born 27th August 1916 in Kezmarok, student, resident of Samorin, has no real estate or personal property, and is completely poor.

Samorin, 28th October 1945

I then set out to find work in Bratislava, but somehow I wasn't having any luck, so I left for Prague.

Shortly thereafter I was working for a lawyer and at the Schenker shipping company.

It didn't suit me, because there it was organized in the "American way".

We worked in these cubicles and watching over us was a boss whose office was higher up.

They only took me due to my language skills, because I didn't understand transport.