In Bratislava

This picture was taken in the 1930s in Bratislava, and is of me, Alexander Singer.

In Bratislava I at first studied yeshivah, and then I also completed a secular, high school education.

I finished yeshivah in Bratislava without graduating, I didn't need it, because I transferred to secular studies.

I didn't have a penchant for being a rabbi. My father took it very hard, because I was the oldest son. In time he calmed down, because I had brothers who were better suited for this position. Mainly Israel.

The others were still little. Jisrael started in our father's yeshivah. But at the age of 17 they took him away to the munkatábor [munkatábor, from Hungarian, a work camp – Editor's note].

After I left the yeshivah, I gradually began breaking away from Orthodox Judaism. Above all, I was no longer concerning myself with Talmudic studies, and didn't wear prayes.

I still ate kosher, it wasn't until in Hungary, in 1939, that for the first time I didn't eat kosher food.