Alexander Singer

Alexander Singer

This is a photo of me, Alexander Singer. It was taken in Bratislava in 2001.

The revolution in 1989 didn't bring any changes to my life. Nothing. Practically the same.

As a retiree, I'm still employed part-time. In my spare time I read, listen to the radio and watch television. I watch the news on various TV stations.

For example the BBC seems to me to be quite anti-Jewish. When Palestinians blow up a bus with Jews in it, they don't devote much space to this information.

But when Jews invade a Palestinian refugee camp, right away the television and papers are full of it.

Because Palestinians are such cowards that they hide behind their women and children, and sometimes it happens that they're the ones to fall victim to Israeli soldiers.

That however is not only a modern phenomenon, because there always were and always will be people against the Jews, and someone will always be found to incite hatred against them.

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