Eva, Marius and Silvia Gora Moldovan

Eva, Marius and Silvia Gora Moldovan

This is a photo taken in Tel Aviv in the 1990s, during one of my visits there: in the photo you can see my son, Marius Gora Moldovan, me, and my elder granddaughter, Silvia, who is now 16.

My son studied for three years at the Faculty of Polytechnics in Brasov, but he didn't finish it. He didn't have problems because he was a Jew. People knew that his mother was a Jew; I never hid that. My son's wife was Jewish too, Liliana Davidovici was her name before she married. She was from Tecuci. They got married in 1984, but they had no religious wedding. She was rather religious, though. She lit the candles every Friday evening.

After university, Marius worked as an engineer at Codlea, where he was assigned to, then at Tractorul and then at Rulmentul [factory in Brasov that manufactures bearings]. He left for Israel in 1988, but he had to wait rather long before his file was approved. It was a period when a lot of Jews from Brasov were able to go: Jacques Friedel's son [Edward Friedel], the former president of the Jewish community, [Milu] Leibovici, and so on. I don't know why, but all who were about to leave had to go to the police headquarters rather often, and answer: 'Present!'. But many of them were at work during those hours, so I asked from the community for a list with the people who had to be there, and I answered for them; it was a mere formality.

When he left, my son was married already, and his wife was pregnant with their first child. They left together in early February 1988, and they settled in Tel Aviv, that's where they did the ulpan, and that's where they found work: he works as an engineer, and she worked as a doctor. They have two children, Silvia Gora Moldovan who is 16 years old, and Stephanie Gora Moldovan, who is six. Liliana died last year, in 2002.

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