Eva and Marius Gora Moldovan with Rifke Feld

Eva and Marius Gora Moldovan with Rifke Feld

This is a photo taken in our house here, in Brasov in 1970, probably by my husband, Mircea Gora Moldovan, who was crazy about photography. From the left: I, my mother Rifke Feld, nee Friem, and my son, Marius Gora Modovan; he is wearing his school uniform.

I met my husband in my society circles, at the end of 1950, when we were having birthday parties an so on. It didn't matter to me that he wasn't a Jew, but my mother wasn't very thrilled, at least at first. She gave in when she saw that he was a good man. I never met my mother-in-law, she had died before I got to know my husband, but I knew his father, Isidor Gora Moldovan. He wasn't excited about our marriage either at first, but he grew very fond of me later, and we went to visit him in Suceava, where he lived.

My husband was born in Brad in 1926. He studied at and graduated from the Faculty of Constructions in Timisoara. He worked as an engineer. We got married in 1954, but we had no religious wedding. After that, we received a two-bedroom apartment in Resita because of my husband's position: he was chief engineer at a plant in Resita. Soon after that, in 1959, our son, Marius Gora Moldovan, was born, and then we moved into a three-bedroom apartment. My mother lived with us.

We moved to Brasov in 1967 because my husband decided so. Our son Marius had started school, he was in the 1st grade - which he finished in Brasov - and my husband wanted us to move to a town, which had good schools and a university. He was offered a job in Bucharest, but he refused because he didn't like the city. He chose Brasov instead. I worked in Brasov as a commodity expert at ICIM [the state constructions and fitting company during communism] as well. My mother came with us, and we all lived in the apartment I still live in now, one with three rooms.

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