Etus Gendler, Rifke Feld and Eva Gora Moldovan

This photo was taken here, in Brasov, in 1985; it was right in front of the staircase of the apartment block I still live in. You can see in it, from left, my cousin Etus Gendler, nee Goldstein my mother Rifke Feld, nee Friem, and me. We had this picture taken when my cousin came to visit us.

Etus Gendler was the daughter of my mother’s sister, Eugenia Goldstein, and she was married to a Jew named Dezideriu Lowinger. They had a son, and they left for Israel in the 1950s, but Lowinger died there - he had a weak heart - in the 1960s. Etus remarried, she met the brother of an acquantaince of hers from Israel, a Jew who lived in the USA, Gendler, and she married him. She went to live with him in the Carribeans, but after his death, in 1989 I think, she returned to Israel, Holon, to live with her son, Moise Lowinger. Her son’s real name was Ivan, but he wanted to change it into something more Jewish.

We moved to Brasov, myself, my husband Mircea Gora Moldovan and our son Marius, in 1967 because my husband decided so. Our son had started school, he was in the 1st grade - which he finished in Brasov - and my husband wanted us to move to a town, which had good schools and a university. He was offered a job in Bucharest, but he refused because he didn't like the city. He chose Brasov instead. I worked in Brasov as a commodity expert at ICIM [the state constructions and fitting company during communism] as well.