Elvira Kohn on the Island of Hvar

Elvira Kohn on the Island of Hvar

This photo of me was taken during a vacation on the Island of Hvar. I don’t remember the exact year it was taken, but it was after 1932.

In 1932, I came from Vinkovci to live and work in Dubrovnik. From Dubrovnik, I went on vacation to Hvar with another colleague. We only stayed for a few days but it was really nice.

I took my camera with me on this trip, and I took many photos of the beautiful nature on Hvar. Unfortunately, I don’t have these photos any longer.

This particular photo was taken on the main square in the town of Hvar while we were taking a walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

My colleague took this photo of me. I was dressed in the usual fashion of the 1930s. I was never very fashionable, I always dressed modestly but nice.

I liked this dress because it was white and light, very appropriate for hot weather and for taking a walk on the beach in the afternoons.

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