Bernard Kohn on a business trip

In this picture, you can see my father, Bernard Kohn, sitting in the center with his hat on. The picture was taken on a boat close to Rijeka in 1913.

I’m not sure where he was travelling from, but his destination was Rijeka. This picture was taken during one of his many trips. Mainly, he was travelling due to the nature of his work.

But he also enjoyed travelling. This always gave him an opportunity to meet new people and to exchange information and knowledge. I know all this from the stories my mother told me.

My father was born in 1887 in Koska, near Nasice. He was a salesman and met my mother in Vinkovci. For a short time, my parents lived in Vienna, Austria, where my brother Aleksandar was born in 1912.

I think they lived in Vienna because of the nature of my father's work. He was a salesman and a manager in a firm that dealt with the production of textiles.

From Vienna they moved to Rijeka, again because of his work, where I was born in 1914, just when World War I started.

In the war, my father was an Austro-Hungarian soldier and was imprisoned by the Serbs in Nis in 1915. In the place where he was captured, there were many typhus patients and my father was also infected with typhus.

He died in 1915 in Nis and was buried there. I was only one year old when my father died and I practically never met him.