Dora Rozenfeld with her friends

This is my mother Dora Ozerianskaya (in the center, wearing a white scarf) and her friends from grammar school. This photo was taken in Boguslav around 1910 during their last year at school. My mother was born in 1893. The Jewish name she received at birth was Genia-Dvoira. She studied with teachers at home and then finished a grammar school in Boguslav. She studied well. She also learned to play the piano. I have no information about my mother's life before she met my father. All I know is that after she finished grammar school her parents sent her to Kiev where she studied at a private dentistry school and after finishing it she received a dentist license. Shortly after she returned to Boguslav, Grandfather Asriel and Grandmother Gita passed away. Then the Revolution took place in 1917 which lead to the Civil War causing all horrors associated with this period: gangs and pogroms from which Jews had to hide in basements and attics. My mother met my father then. He was chief of the Jewish self-defense movement. My parents got married in 1920. They didn't have a traditional Jewish wedding since my father was devoted to communist ideas and rejected any Jewish rules or traditions.

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Leonid Rozenfeld