Azriel Ozerianski and Gita Ozerianskaya

These are my maternal grandfather and grandmother, Azriel Ozerianski and Gita Ozerianskaya. This photo was taken Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street in Kiev in 1900s. My mother's parents died long before I was born. My mother told me little about them. They were born in Boguslav in the 1860s. I don't know what my grandfather did for a living, but they must have been wealthy since they provided education for all their numerous children. My grandfather and grandmother observed Jewish traditions. I have this photo from a visit to their relatives in Kiev on which they are dressed according to the Jewish requirements. My grandfather had a beard and wore a cap that was a little bigger than a kippah and my grandmother had a kerchief. I'm sure they were religious Jews and observed Jewish holidays. Anyway, that's only my best guess since my mother didn't like talking about her family. My grandparents died shortly before the [Russian] Revolution of 1917. They had many children, but I knew only three of them. The rest either died before I was born or moved abroad.