Document for Irena Beilinson

This is the letter sent by the MVD of the Estonian SSR to my first wife Irena Beilinson, nee Klas, in reply to her request to allow me to return to Tallinn after my deportation was over. The letter says that I was entitled to return to the Estonian SSR and reside anywhere except Tallinn and the prohibited coastal zone. In 1950 they began deporting former convicts again. Supposedly, they had been released too early by mistake. I didn't want to be deported once more, so Irena and I went to Tashkent to stay with my brother Ovsei. We began to work in research expedition. Our expedition team worked in the Karakum desert. I worked as an accountant, and my wife was a laboratory assistant. The next season, there was a new expedition manager. He had a look at my papers and noticed that I was a 'socially dangerous element'. So I was once again deported. My wife was considered a free person. She could have left, but she chose to stay with me. The city of Nukus was designated as the place of my deportation. After two years had passed, I requested to appoint the city of Kirov as the place of my deportation. My brothers Samson and Max and his family lived there after being deported in 1951. My wife and I arrived there in 1953.