David Tasman, his wife and their nieces

David Tasman, his wife and their nieces


You can see one of my mother's sisters, Ida Tasman and her husband David in this photograph.

Ida- David Tashman are sister and brother-in-law of my mother.  David Tashman was a Russian refugee.  He was a true Russian aristocrat.  He had studied dentistry in Russia and practiced this profession for a long time.  Later he ran away from the mismanagement of Russia and the pogroms and came to Istanbul.  Rumor had it that David Tashman had a son named Boris that he left back in Russia.  His wife had died but this child never came to Istanbul.  There was no communication between father and son.  After David Tashman came to Istanbul, he worked with another dentist since he did not have the right to open a clinic.  He was a very well-mannered and dignified man.  He provided very well for my aunt.  They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.  He died at the age of 80.  He loved me a lot too.  Only, you should never play cards with him.  Because he always wanted to win.  This is a joke I remember about David Tashman.  Ida's child died while still in her womb because of the cord that was wrapped around its neck.  She did not have a child again.

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