Arguete family on vacation


 When we were married our financial means were not very good. We did not have the luxury of going on vacations.  But my husband always told me "you brought me luck". This photograph was taken during a trip to Israel.  It was taken with the guide after we came out of the underwater museum in Eilat.

One of the important days of my life is my 50th wedding anniversary (1996).  One Sabbath evening, my son-in-law Eliya put two tickets in my hand.  He said "I want you to celebrate your 50th wedding annivesary in Israel".  My grandson Shemi Barokas picked us up at the airport and took us to his home.  We were in Israel for more than 20 days.  We went all the way to Eilat, my husband bought me a necklace [she showed the necklace around her neck and said that she never took it off after that evening].  Another Sabbath evening, my daughter said "we are going out to dinner on Sunday night, get ready, I will come and pick you up".  When we went to a fish restaurant on the Bosphorus, we saw the surprise; every member of the family apart from me had helped Lucy organize this.  It was a wonderful evening.  We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary by cutting a cake.

Now my life is spent among my grandchildren, my children, my memories and my friends....

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Janet Arguete