Dagmar Lieblova´s parents with family and friends


First from right is brother of my maternal grandmother Karel Herman, beside him is husband of mom´s cousin Lev Muller and beside him is his wife Vera.

In center there is my mom. Third from right is my dad and beside him is another mom´s cousin Greta. I do not know the other people or where the picture was made.

My grandmother had several brothers and sisters. Karel and Zikmund lived in Brno, where they made confectionary.

We were often going to Caslav, which was about 15 km away from our home in Kutna Hora. That is where my mom's cousin on my grandfather's side, Vera Mullerova lived.

She was also married to a doctor, Lev Muller, and they had two sons, Jirka and Zdenek, who were a year older than me and Rita. We often went on trips with them.