Anna Mass' grandchildren


They are all my grandchildren. It is from left: my daughter Maria's children: Katarzyna Liwia Bucyk, Marek Winicjusz Bucyk 1981, and Irena’s son, Radoslaw Zabawa, 1978. Katarzyna was born in 1977, Radoslaw in 1978 and Marek in 1981. 

Today Katarzyna is student of psychiatric rehabilitation,  Marek is student of journalism in Warsaw University, and Radoslaw is owner of the "magic shop" Fraida in Warsaw, and healer, as his mother. In his shop you can buy all kinds of New Age stuff, for healers, and so on. He completed a high school but didn't want to take the graduation exams. 

My daughters knew from the very beginning they were Jewish, we never made it a secret, and also my grandchildren know they are half-blood Jews. Or even full-blood ones according to Israeli laws, because their mothers are Jewish. My elder grandson feels half-Jewish, half-Polish. My younger daughter's children don't feel Jewish, but my granddaughter told her boyfriend she had Jewish roots. He said to that his roots were Romany. Marysia got married, took a civil marriage, and changed her religion for the father-in-law. She didn't even tell us. She knew I wouldn't react,  but that her father would be angry. I learned only after my husband's death. The grandchildren have all been baptized. Even Irena's daughter. She baptized him so that he's no different from the other kids at school.




Anna Mass

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