Anna Mass' father's apprentice Adam Waksbaum

Anna Mass' father's apprentice Adam Waksbaum


It’s my father apprentice, Adam Waksbaum. He was watchmaker. He worked with my father, in his shop at Pijarska Street in Lublin.  

I don’t remember anything about him. I remember better his friend, Berek Rainer, my boyfriend. They worked together with my father. When he started working for my father, he was 20, and I was 13. At first he treated me as the boss's daughter, but then, slowly, slowly, we became a couple. He never proposed to me, never said he'd marry, but everyone laughed Szwarc was rearing himself a son-in-law. And shortly before the war within three months that boy lost both his parents. He had three younger siblings and had to take care of them. And he stayed in Lublin.

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Anna Mass