Andrey Grin with his friends

Andrey Grin with his friends

This photograph was taken near Astrakhan in 2003 where my son and his friends were on vacation fishing.

He is very fond of fishing and this is how he prefers to spend his vacations.
The one on the right is my son Andrey Grin with a 45 kg catfish that he caught.

My son studied well and didn't cause much concern to his parents. Andrey studied in a special French school. He had all excellent marks in all subjects, but mathematic where he received '4' or '3' marks out of 5. Andrey studied well in college; his only mistake was that he got married.

This was his first wife. He had four altogether. They were Russian wives. He divorced his first wife promptly. His son Pyotr, from his third wife Olia, was born in 1985. Pyotr is a student of the Faculty of Economics in Moscow State University now.

Olga went to visit her friend in the USA during perestroika and stayed there. Later she married an American and they have two lovely daughters. She visited us here with her family and they stayed at the dacha.

Pyotr has visited her in the USA several times, but he didn't dare to stay there. Olga lives near San Diego in California. Her surname is Beauty now, I think.

Pyotr lives with us. He is like our son. Galina and I don't think it's good though. A son must live with his father and mother rather than his grandparents. Andrey is married again. We get along well with his wife. Galina is her favorite mother-in-law.

She has good relationships even with Andrey's ex-wives. I think his family life failed because he didn't find whom he needed. At first my son was a teacher at school and then he was promoted to deputy director. He was even about to become director of a school, but then he went to work at the Academic 'Systems Analysis Institute'. School teachers have low salaries and this was one of the reasons why he left.

At the institute Andrey worked as an economist, studied in the post-graduate class and became a candidate of economic sciences. Some time later my son quit this job and went to work at the Moscow committee for architecture where he became deputy chief architect of Moscow for economics. He was responsible for all business related issues, developing estimated cost of building design and construction.

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