Alexandr Grin with his wife Galina Grin

This is my wife Galina Grin, nee Ghermanson, and me.

This photo was taken by my colleague, during my work expedition near Kursk in 1983. My wife followed me whenever she could.

My work experience in the Institute of Geography of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, where I worked throughout my life, started in 1956 when my son Andrey was born. Galina went to work at the Institute of Water issues of the Academy of Sciences also in 1956.

I worked at the Institute of Geography for 46 years. I defended my candidate and doctor's dissertation and received my scientific status of professor and became scientific deputy director. I have about 300 scientific works. I traveled all over the world.

I had an interesting job. I went to expeditions every summer. At that time I got involved in the issues of observation of the earth from space. It was very interesting. I had access to Russian, American and French cosmic photographs.

Later we began to cooperate with Americans in those issues. To decipher the cosmic photographs we had to identify the geodesic characteristics of the surface and compare them with earth-based photographs.

We conducted open research with Americans in this field. This subject was a progressive direction and at the conference of geodesy and physics in Germany I was elected chairman of our working group. I conducted expeditions to study hydrology in Cuba twice.

Later our institute issued an Atlas of Cuba with the whole hydrogeological part. Then I worked in China. We performed a similar program as we did with Americans ‘Natural resources research from space’.

I became deputy director of the institute for science. My wife was also successful. She became a candidate of sciences and was chairman of the local committee.

I continue working. I edit books written by the director of my institute. He writes a lot and the academy allotted money for the publication of his works.

My wife and I have enough for a good life. I have a big pension as a veteran of the war and we have Galina's pension as well and we can make do without my son's support in everyday life. When we need bigger amounts, my son helps us.

We often spend time at the dacha in summer and in winter. Though I can hardly walk after the stroke, we keep in touch with our relatives and friends. Our friends visit us and we have parties.

I identify myself as a Jew. I don't know why. It's hard to say. It's in the blood - just like my deceased grandmother used to say:
'Blood is most important'.