Alexander Grin

Alexander Grin

This is me infinitely happy to become a university student. This photo was taken in Moscow upon my admission in 1951.

It must have been taken by my Mark Grinstein. My father, mother and he were strolling in front of the university building during the admission process nervously waiting for the results.

I was demobilized in May 1950. I came home. I had to finish school and enter a college. I went to young working people's school. I studied at school and worked at the construction trust office as a clerk.

Actually, I rather pretended to be working. I needed a certificate to confirm that I was working for school. I studied well. Actually I finished school in winter 1950 - 1951 with all excellent marks.

In 1951 I submitted my documents to the Geographical Faculty of Moscow State University. In those years they didn't admit Jews to colleges and my parents were very concerned.

I was still young and light-minded and didn't quite understand the situation. I passed the entrance interview along with other applicants with all excellent marks in their school certificates. I didn't have to take exams and this was my good luck.

The atmosphere during the interview was very calm and I answered all questions. They admitted me. Of course, I was nervous, but my parents were even more nervous having a much better understanding of what was going on.

My father probably had some connections at the university and most likely made some arrangements for my admission, but I don't know anything about it.

There were only few Jewish students at the faculty. Student life was wonderful. We went on expeditions in the Geographical Faculty and became very close. I took an active part in public life.

There were only five or six party members. Other students were Komsomol members. I was the party leader of my course. I was fond of sports and went in for volleyball.

We had excellent lecturers. We respected them a lot. Their lectures were very interesting. We had wonderful parties and meetings. I studied well and received the Lenin's stipend.

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