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Looking back: A child’s recollections of the Holocaust through the eyes of the children of today

In this cross-cultural project, three Jewish school teachers assigned their students to read the same text using slightly different assignments. Students in all classes produced art in response to the...
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Getting to know and “adopting” my neighborhood

Religion / Ethics, History
A year-long project that includes several parts—making videos and a photograph tour of the local Jewish history in Thessaloniki, creating a Holocaust library for the school, creating an exhibition for...
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Greek Jewry of Thessaloniki

English, History
The subject of the script concerns the acquisition of knowledge of local history, focusing our attention on the multiculturalism of Thessaloniki and especially on the existence of a prosperous Jewish...
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Renee Molho –Α bookstore in six chapters


The Jewish community of Thessaloniki was one of the Jewish communities in Europe that were completely destroyed during the Holocaust (94% of its members were murdered in Auschwitz-Birkenau). After the...

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Holocaust and Human Rights

Civic activism

The subject: "Learning about the Holocaust and Human Rights" was selected as part of a school activity program and particularly as  part of the lesson, "The Joy of Reading", it was...


How I used Survival in Sarajevo in a Greek school


A cross-cultural project on how to use the story of La Benevolencija, and the film "Survival in Sarajevo" in Greek and Serbian schools.


Three Promises: Personal Stories as Historical Material


This lesson plan uses group work, creative writing, and multimedia to teach subjects including History, Literature, Civics, Social and Political Education, Philosophy, Language etc. It is also useful in discussions...


Why Study History?

The goal of this lesson is to introduce students to the major reasons for studying History (any History course will be appropriate with this lesson). Having said that...
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Centropa eBook: Lily Arouch


"Lily Arouch, 77, has beautiful light blue eyes and wears glasses. She lives in a big apartment in the suburbs of Athens. Since September 2005 she shares her apartment...