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Let's travel to Europe....


The big day arrived and the planes had all landed, Wensday July 9th was here and Vienna was the place to be! And now as we sit in Sarajevo Bosnia with over 75 teachers and learning and fellowship are in supply.

We began this summer academy with a trip to one of Europe's old capitals Vienna Austria, for myself it included getting to Veinna at 830am and starting the academy that afternoon at noon.We were tired but sleep is not important. Upon arriving at the Dipolmatic Academy of Vienna, a truly striking building, we began our look at Vienna 1900 and the quickly rising, and shortly lived Vienna of 1900. In this Vienna art was new, the empire was strong, and the world included many people including jews across the many territories of Austria Hungry. Yet as this golden time of stability and peace seemed to be the dawning of a great age it would be short lived as in 1914 the Austrian heir to the throne would become a part of one of the more complicated and misunderstood times in World history.

As we continued our tour of Vienna it quickly became apparent to me that this trip was about more then just history and dates and times, this trip was about people. I have had to chance to meet so many amazing people who all come from different and amazing places. It is very hard for me to imagine myself, a guy who lives by the beach so he can wear sandals everyday, meeting and working with all these amazing people. Yet what the Centropa group has been, is, and will be about is people. And through their stories, their workshops and their academys, people are what I have enjoyed the most about them. 

As we wrapped up our time in Vienna, including a trip to Jewish Service, which for a first timer was a lot to take in  and understand, but what I got most out of it was the passion and deep faith of the Jewish people that evening. Between deeply passionate singing and a devotion to a faith that has stretched the test of time it was very intertesting to be apart of it, even if just that brief time.

I know I'm leaving out people and things seen, if this seems to be out of order and hectic imagine being here in person and then realize you wish you were here. The things I have seen these past few days have been something that will always be with me, the people I have meet are hopefully always with me and the knowledge here I hope, never goes away.


So goodbye for now, I will update you soon,


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