Leya Yatsovskaya with her husband Evsey Yatsovskiy

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This is me with my husband Evsey Yatsovskiy, when we got married. The photo was taken in Balakhna in 1943.

I received a letter from Evsey shortly after our arrival in Konstantinovo, where we were in evacuation. He asked me to go to Balakhna, Gogol oblast, where the Lithuanian division #16 was being formed. Evsey was there and he was entitled to a vacation before leaving for the front. I packed my things very quickly. I was missing him so much, as I hadn't seen him since the beginning of the war. I left quickly, but I didn't arrive there fast. In Malmyzh, I had been trying to take the train to Kazan for a couple of days, but my attempts were futile. It was impossible. I missed a lot of trains. Some marines helped me get on a passing train. I didn't manage to get on the train in Kazan either, but finally I reached Balakhna. Therefore, it took me about eight days to get there.

I didn't inform Evsey of my visit so it was a surprise. Both of us were happy to see each other safe and sound. Evsey took me to the regional marriage registration office, where we registered our marriage immediately. We didn't have neither wedding rings nor clothes or a feast. I didn't manage to put on a wedding gown and veil like I had dreamt in my childhood. War had made its adjustments. I never regretted that I became Evsey Yatsovskiy's wife. I stayed in Balakhan for three days. Then Evsey was to start work and he returned to his squad and I forced myself to leave for Konstantinovo. I went back to the orphanage being a married woman, with a new last name: Yatsovskaya.

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Interviewte(r): Leya Yatsovskaya
Vilnius, Lithuania


Leya Yatsovskaya
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Office clerk, accountant
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