Yakov Driz's younger sister Polia Driz in kindergarten

Yakov Driz's younger sister Polia Driz in kindergarten
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Kindergarten in Tomashpol. The 2nd from the right in the middle row is my younger sister Polia Driz, born on 25 June 1929. Polia attended the kindergarten for 2 years - in 1935 and 1936, because my mother decided that she should get used to the orderly and disciplined life that school provided. There were many Jewish children in the group. My sister Polia moved to Israel. Unfortunately, I didn't dare to join her there. My wife isn't a Jew, and I feared that she would go through prejudiced attitudes in Israel, like I did in the Soviet Union. I have been to Israel twice, and I realized that I was wrong about my judgment. But we are old people now, and it is too late to change our lives so dramatically. I liked Israel, our country. I admired the blooming Israel - the country where ancient history and modern life have entwined so organically. It's hard to imagine all the hard effort it took to turn the desert into a blooming oasis. I respect and feel grateful to the people of Israel. I visited my sister Polia in Ber-Sheva. She and her family enjoy living in their new Motherland.

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Interviewee: Yakov Driz
Ella Levitskaya
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Kiev, Ukraine


Polia Gedrich
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Tomashpol, Vinnitsa region
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Accountant in Tomashpol hospital
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Survivors of the Shoah visual history foundation
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