Yakov Driz's uncle Boris Driz

Boris Driz, my uncle, my father's younger brother. Uncle Boris sent us this photo from Eastern Prussia in 1944. The inscription on the back reads: ?For long memory to my dear brother, his wife and children. Driz B.S.? Boris, my father's younger brother, served in the army and then finished his studies at an agricultural school. He liked farming. Later he became the director of the first vehicle and tractor maintenance facility in Ukraine, located in the Odessa region. Before the war, he graduated from the Academy of Agriculture in Moscow. When the war began, he went to the front. In 1945 he was in the army serving in Eastern Prussia. From there he was transferred to the Japanese front. The Ministry of Agriculture requested his return, as he was an experienced specialist. Later, he became the director of a facility responsible for the selection of grain crops. He was Chief Agriculture Specialist in the Ulianovsk region. Boris spent his last years in Ulianovsk, where he died in the 1960s.