Workers from the cobbler's workshop of Dawid Kulawiec

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These are two cobblers which were working for my uncle Dawid Kulawiec, a brother of my father, Mojsze Kulawiec. This photo was taken in the 1930s. I don?t remember their names, I only remember that they came from Mordy - small town not far from Losice. Of course they were Jews - that's all I remember. This is one of the few pre-war photos I still have with me. I don?t know how did it happen, that I have it My father had two brothers and a sister. The youngest was Dawid, who my grandparents lived with. He was the most resourceful of them. It was him who took over the cobbler's workshop after Granddad. He had his regular customers, from two or three villages, I think; he knocked up shoes for them and they supplied him with food and other things. Besides shoemaking he also rented out orchards. This was how it worked: he would buy the fruit while it was still on the trees, unripe, and all sorts - apples, pears - and all the time they were ripening him and his family would look after them. And then he would pick them and store them. He had these special rooms, stores, that were suited for storing fruit, and later on he would sell the fruit right through to the next season. I remember he bought the fruit from these orchard owners in this village called Picice, near Losice. I used to go there sometimes to check up on the fruit.

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Interviewee: Jankiel Kulawiec
Jakub Rajchman
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Legnica, Poland


Dawid Kulawiec
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