Jankiel Kulawiec's cousin Jankiel with his friends

This is a photo of my cousin Jankiel (I don?t know his last name), with his friends taken in Losice sometime in the 1930s. I don?t know on which occasion this photo was taken. Jankiel was a son of my father's sister. Unfortunately I don't know what Father's sister was called. I didn't know her at all. She lived in Warsaw. I don't know how she ended up there or what she did. All I know is that she got married and had a son - he was called Jankiel too. Then her husband died, and Dawid took the son in and brought him up. That's how I remember him - I've even got a photograph of him. And his mother married again, and had another son and a daughter. I don't remember their names. The daughter was ill, I think she had consumption too; she even came to Losice once, and stayed with Dawid, at Grandma's. And then she died, and the other son - her brother - went to Israel, apparently. That's all I can say about this family. However it's one of the two remaining pre-war photos I have, and the only one with a member of my family, so it means a lot to me when I can share it with you.