The stand of furrier Koves

The stand of furrier Koves
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The picture was taken in 1968 at the International Industrial Fair in Budapest and it shows the stall of the furrier Koves. In the picture you can see my mother's sister-in-law, Gabriella Koves, nee Schneitzer. My mother's youngest brother, Kalman Katz was born in 1910. Kalman magyarized his name to Koves sometime in the 1930s. Kalman was a furrier; he had a prospering shop on Kossuth Lajos Street. The shop is still there, now his daughter runs it. Kalman magyarized his name to Koves sometime in the 1930s. He was first drafted into forced labor in 1939, and they let him home at the end of 1940. Then in 1941 they drafted him again. In 1942 he was wounded at the Don Bend, the Hungarians left him there. The Russians saved his life; they took him to the hospital. They healed him, and then they took him to Siberia, from where he came home at the end of 1947. He continued the furrier trade. He opened a shop again. In 1950 he married Gabriella Schneitzer. Gabriella, her sister and mother spent the Holocaust partly in a Swiss protected house, partly in hiding, but her father died in Mauthausen. They had two children, Tamas Koves and Judit Koves. Tamas has a daughter, who is called Sandra, and Judit has two daughters, Andrea and Szilvi. They live here in Hungary. At the time when our parents were in prison my brother Peter lived at the Koves'. Uncle Kalman was his father in place of his father, and Aunt Gabi his mother in place of his mother. This is why the real close, family relationship remained with them until this day.

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Andor Mihály
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Budapest, Hungary


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