Serge Pikielny

Serge Pikielny
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I don?t know exactly when this picture was taken, sometime in the 1950s, I think. It shows my cousin Serge Pikielny, in Lodz. My grandpa's brother, Mojzesz Pikielny, had two sons and two daughters. The elder son, Maks, was born on 22nd January 1899 in Lodz. His wife, Fryda - I don't remember her surname - came from Riga. Maks and Fryda had two sons, Henio and Serge. Before the war we lived in the same house, at 8 Nawrot Street, us on the third floor and them on the fourth. I was very good friends with Henio. After World War II Serge enrolled at the University of Lodz. In about 1946 or 1947 the Pikielny family left for Brazil. Maks and Henio stayed there, but Serge came back to Lodz after a year. Serge got married, and after he graduated he went to Israel with his wife. They live in Israel to this day. They have a son and a daughter. I?m still in touch with Serge and his family.

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Interviewee: Jerzy Pikielny
Kinga Galuszka
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Warsaw, Poland


Serge Pikielny
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