Roza Molnar Farkas

Roza Molnar Farkas
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    Austria-Hungary, pre 1918
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    Erdos, Budapest, Thokoly Street 24.
This is my paternal grandmother, Roza Molnar Farkas, nee Polnauer. The picture was taken in 1897 in Budapest. My paternal grandmother was born in Enying in 1873. Her father was Tivadar Polnauer, a shoemaker's assistant, her mother was Maria Hoffmann. I don't know when they moved to Budapest, but at the time of the wedding the Polnauer family already lived in the same street. Before her marriage my grandmother had probably been a maid, too, because her employment card was issued by the Papa trade authorities on 25th August 1896, based on the maid's card, also issued in Papa in 1892. She needed the employment card because between 25th and 30th October 1896 she worked as a knitter's assistant at Samu Weis' in Vagujhely. Her salary was 8 forints a month and full board. According to her marriage certificate she worked as a stockings knitter. One year after she got married, in 1898, my father, Miklos Molnar, was born, and three years later my Aunt Margit. From then on my grandmother was a housewife. I only know about her that she was sickly all her life. I think she must have had quite a difficult life. They say that she was a very sweet woman; my father loved her enormously. They must have moved a lot, because the places where they rented an apartment are recorded. In 1929, at the age of 56, my grandmother died. She was just on holiday. She had serious diabetes, and she went into a coma and instead of giving her sugar, they gave her insulin. So when I was born, my grandmother wasn't alive anymore.

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Interviewee: Thomas Molnar
Andor Mihály
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Budapest, Hungary


Roza Molnar Farkas
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before WW II
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